For those who are closest to you there is the option of facebook, which will allow you to upload video content as well as photos. It also gives the power as to what circle of friends you want to view the content. It is important to know however that once uploaded, Facebook will lay claim on your video, so dont upload anything that you think may hand painted oil paintings turn into a viral hit unless you are happy that you may lose alot of your potential revenue to Facebook.

If this mass audience tactic is what you are after then using Youtube will give you the largest audience available on the net from using just one site. Users of Youtube will often bookmark sites across the net using social bookmarking sites, digg for example, and if you have set up your video correctly it can even be embedded quite easily onto other people’s websites who will simply copy the embed code directly from Youtube. They wont pay anything to do this, as the permissions have already been set for this to happen, what you will get buy oil paintings online in return is the additional audience that will see the video once it has left to Youtube domain. So it is important to get your adverts setup before this happens. Youtube has a good profit for video hits scheme which you can look into.

For those worried about terms, regulations and conditions that all these sites pose upon their users and are looking for a more hassle free opton, publishing to the oil paintings on canvas web using a reputable funny dog video hosting site, the best option available is to get in touch with Cute Dog ‘Thing’ of the Day. As a dog video hobbiest group they dont want to cause any aggravation for their users. They simply want to share the latest funny dog clips on the net with as many followers and fans as possible, and the number is ever rising. If you provide them with a link to the content, or the original file you wish to share, they will guarantee that they will use the material with the greatest of respect and will make sure you are fully accredited, and totally aware of your content’s involvement on the site.

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